Toilet Talk - Unique Walker Helps Loved Ones Maneuver ANY Restroom!

Bath Safety - Answers from Industry Experts.

Is Your Product Idea the Next Big Thing?

Trials and tribulations of bringing a new healthcare product to market 

Spring 2016 Medtrade Expo Show Surprising Strength.

Prevent and Recover from Falls 

Medtrade Spring 2016 Award Winners!   Free2Go Rollator wins 2nd Place in the Innovative Retail Product Awards.

​How One Woman's Mission to Preserve Her Mother's Mobility Lead to a Great Invention.

​​​​​Free2Go Mobility Products, Inc. takes home honor of "Story of the Year 2016"!

You are Free to Go

Lesli Wang's mother inspired the necessity of her invention

​​​​The Free2Go Rollator takes home 2nd Place in the Medtrade Spring 2016 Innovative Retail Product Awards! Thank you Roscoe Medical for making this vision a reality!

Stephanie Erickson of Caregivers' Circle introduces the Free2Go Rollator to her listeners. To hear the conversation, listen at approximately 27:19.

"Your story stood out among our judges as heartfelt and personal. They loved that you took the initiative to find a solution—and that it was for your mom."

​Stephanie Gibson Lepore
Editor, HomeCare

Lesli Jenkins Wang with her inspiration and mother, Elaine Jenkins

Medtrade Innovation in Caretailing - A Closer Look at the Free2Go Rollator.

A Look at the Free2Go Rollator from Medtrade Spring 2016.

Toilet Safety - At Home ... and Beyond

Interview with inventor, Lesli Jenkins Wang, about her bathroom safety product - The Free2Go Rollator.  

Fall Prevention - Answers from Industry Experts.

Restoring dignity ... it's what we do best.

From caregiver to innovator:  Everyday people solve issues faced by an aging population.